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Does this story sound familiar? You (or someone you know) buys every new personal development book that appears in the bookstore. As you diligently begin to read each new book, you tell yourself that this book is THE ONE. It is “the one” that will have the hidden wisdom that will wake you up, motivate you, inspire you, and get you out of your ever-present “funk.”

The “funk” is what I call those feelings of mild depression, disinterest, and a constant state of mild sadness. Your doctor may have even offered to prescribe a pill to help get you out of this state. These feelings don’t have any real cause or “reason” for being but yet, you can’t seem to shake them off. Maybe you’ve even made a list of all the reasons that you shouldn’t feel so miserable.

Your job is fairly great.

You have friends.

You have a nice family life.

But, you can’t deny that something is lacking in your life, otherwise you wouldn’t feel so down. Right?

Well, have you ever stopped to think: maybe the crappy way you’re feeling is directly related to what you’re putting in – or, more importantly – what you’re NOT putting in your mouth?

That’s right! More and more scientific studies are proving your grandmother right; we really are what we eat. Broken down scientifically, there are certain necessary nutrients that without, your body & mind simple cannot fully or properly function. Specifically, let’s talk about some of the nutrients that your BRAIN craves. It’s the wonderful world of B vitamins! What’s so special about B vitamins, you ask? Well, for starters, they’re commonly referred to as the “happy vitamin.” Unfortunately, they are difficult to find in today’s modern daily diet of processed foods. Additionally, your body does not store excess B vitamins in its tissues. Whatever is not used by the body is removed through the urine, so these vitamins must be replenished every couple of days, or so.

B vitamins, among their many functions, aid the brain in metabolizing (building) neurotransmitters. Essential neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin are responsible for maintaining a positive mood. People deficient in B vitamins are more prone to depression and other mental diseases, even to the degree requiring medication. Expensive & potentially addictive medication, I’d like to add. It’s my opinion (and one shared by health professionals around the world) that many diseases result from long-term nutrient deficiencies– mental health diseases included. 

All of the self-help books in the world will not help you reach your true potential if you aren’t aiding the process by a healthy diet and balanced nutrition. It would be like trying to climb a mountain with one arm and leg tied behind your back. Yes, theoretically, you could make it to the top, but good grief! It would be much, much more difficult to reach your goal. That is, if, by some miracle, you managed to keep yourself motivated to keep climbing.

Why not make it easier on yourself (and, everyone around you Ms/Mr. Moody-pants) by providing your body with the tools it needs to function properly? Just as in the above example, if you untied that arm and leg, your progress would be more natural and easier to attain. Start by taking small steps, such as making a daily goal to add healthy, unprocessed foods and raw veggies to your diet at least once per day. Naturally, you’ll be more aware of the way foods make you feel, and in more ways than just satisfying hunger.

If a change in diet is a bigger step than you’re ready for, simply find a great vitamin supplement to start. Potentially, you could see your moods & emotional state improve. (Personally, several of my friends and I saw a radical positive enhancement in our moods and emotion states by adding a daily B vitamin supplement!)

On a side note, to be honest, I have never liked taking vitamin supplements. Throughout the day, I would tend to burp up the gross vitamin taste and generally felt that they were disgusting little rocks that smelled. But in my search for a great B vitamin supplement, I eventually stumbled across one called Hair, Skin, and Nails by Nature’s Bounty.

I’ve taken them now for years, and they’ve never failed to give me a great mood lift. And, even better, no burps and they don’t stink! Score! They sell for about $14.00 a bottle in most drug and grocery stores.

Good luck, and happy eating (literally)!