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Girl with pimple

Three of the most common causes of occasional acne, though seemingly insignificant in our daily routine, can lead to regular breakouts.  Take heed, my clear skin lovin’ friends, occasional skin eruptions could be a thing of the past!

Top 3 Ways to Have an Acne Breakout!

*What you EAT ends up on your FACE—I can’t stress this enough!  But, surprise, I’m not talking about oily or fried foods! (Though, let’s not go crazy on those, ok?) Specifically, pay attention to sugar (any kind, refined or even raw sugars, but not-so-much raw fresh fruits), dairy products, and high fructose syrup.

Also, new research is linking poor diet, essential vitamin and mineral deficiencies with problem ache.  A healthy, balanced diet with lots of fresh veggies and little processed sugar is a fast, sure way to clear, glowing skin.

*Using HARSH cleansers—True fact: many women have reoccurring breakouts because their facial cleansers are TOO harsh for their skin types.  Not sure if that’s you?  Try a 7 day test, switch from your regular cleanser to a simple glycerin bar,(Neutrogena has a great one that’s easy to find) or even Pond’s Cold Cream. Do NOT use body soap, it’s too harsh for sensitive facial skin.  Try it for a week and see if you see improvement in skin clarity and smoothness.

I thought I had “problem skin” for years.  That is, until I stopped using ANY product (cleanser or lotion) that contains salicylic acid.  When I stopped using products with such harsh ingredients, my skin magically stopped breaking out.  – Stephanie @thesassypureway.com

*Hair spray misting– Yes, this is a no-brainer but I’m still always surprised to see the obvious signs of Over-Spray Forehead.  Yep, let that sticky stuff land on your face and rest assured, in a day or two, you’ll reap the your own crop of blackheads, bumps and blemishes.  Be careful while spraying! Cover up your facial skin using hands, sheets of paper, a facial shield, your teacup poodle, etc,– or more than just your hair will be stiff and immovable …hello clogged pores…

Create a simple beauty regime that’s economical and effective, and don’t be fooled by advertisements screaming that you must buy this or that “super-acne-be-gone-acid” cleanser/exfoliater/toner.  Try the above simple fixes first to see if they help.  If you’re like me, you could be surprised to discover that your “problem skin” isn’t much of a problem after all. 🙂

If you’ve tried the above suggestions and have experienced a surprise improvement, let us know in the comments section!

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!


***soon, I’ll be writing a post about the top 3 natural ways to deal with & eradicate occasional acne, so stay tuned!***