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In addition to all things beauty, I also LOVE great hair products.

With the highlights and lowlights, styling tool damage- you name it, I’ve done it to my hair at some point- my natural strawberry blonde needs a bit of extra help maintaining a natural healthy glossy bounce (technically, it’s really more of an auburn shade now, as I’ve gotten older the blonde is much darker.) I do occasionally get a deep hydration treatment from my hairdresser.  Those work great, but I still believe that on the whole, natural products and treatments are just as effective.

With fewer chemicals going down the drain and seeping into our oceans and streams, that’s a plus. So, that being said, I’m constantly on a mission to find the best natural remedies for dry, damaged hair like mine.  Today, we’re gonna look into using honey to improve your hair.

Here’s one interesting ideas that I found…


HONEY:  dilute a spoonful of honey into 3 or 4 cups of warm water.   Once honey is dissolved, pour the mixture over freshly washed, wet hair.  Rinse out.  Pat hair dry with a towel and style as usual.  The honey will help soften and add shine to the hair.

I have an old bottle of honey that I’m going to try this with, I’ll let you know what happens.

Have you ever tried honey for your hair?