So, any of you who have particular breeds of dogs are aware of breed specific “issues.” For English bulldogs, like Jeffery, they can have a slew of problems, from most of which JDawg is symptom free. However, since we’ve moved to Florida from Los Angeles, he has experienced several fun skin issues.

Most notably, his now stinky tail. English Bulldogs can have 2 different styles of tails. The first one sticks straight out and kinda looks like a broken thumb. Or, like Jeffery, one that grows in a spiral, exactly like a cinnamon roll.

Pugs have cinnamon roll tails too!

So, what’s the problem with such incredible cuteness? Well, any type of prolonged moisture (or humidity…welcome to the south!) that gets in there can’t fully dry out. This can cause painful skin infections and bacteria growth.  Sometimes, the tail even has to be surgically removed! Hence, after living here in humidity central for 3 years, Jeffery now has a stinky tail.

So how to treat this?  It’s uncomfortable for the doggie and unpleasant for anyone around the doggie (bleh! what’s that smell? Oh…it’s just Jeffery…)

At first we went repeatedly to the Vet, who gave us this.  Jeffery hated it. Even though it’s suppose to be an anti-inflammatory product, it seemed to sting and hurt. Basically, as soon as he saw me reaching for the bottle he would run to his bed and sit down.  When an 85 pound Bulldog decides to sit down, you have as much chance reaching his sore little tail as you have of uplifting a fire hydrant.

Disregarding JDawg’s fussiness, I- like good mothers everywhere- still forced him to allow me to apply his medicine.  He forgave me…eventually. (Bits of hotdogs helped.)

We tried this for, ooooh, about 10 bottles, spread throughout the last 8 months.  No real improvement, but one increasingly cranky bulldog.

So, I decided to take matters into my own holistic hands and began a treatment of coconut oil and essential oils.

Coconut oil because of it’s high lauric acid content (bacterial fighting abilities.) Essential oils because of their amazing antibacterial, anti fungal, and skin healing properties.

The results:

  • Much reduced inflammation.
  • Jeffery doesn’t hate the EO’s and he’ll actually let me apply them without fighting (much.)
  • No more bleeding, and I can see pink, healthy skin, vrs the red swollen oozing mess that it was before.
  • Jeffery will let you touch his tail now, whereas before it was so tender he’d flinch and react when anyone got too close to touching that area.

I’m pretty sure I will have to apply this treatment as an ongoing thing, which is fine.  He’s doing great, and is once again the happy lil fire hydrant that loves to be tickled 🙂

Have you ever used Essential Oils to treat your pet?  If so, please tell me what you used and the results!

Jeffery the Bulldog...he has a bizarre motorcycle addiction.

Jeffery the Bulldog…he has a bizarre motorcycle addiction.