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Saturday feels a bit like a party day, doesn’t it? Well, even if you don’t have any exciting plans, this awesome gluten free pizza with make up for it. The UDI’s Pizza Crusts are great. They cook up crisp and delicious. And, even though I pulled them straight from my freezer, they thawed before my oven finished preheating!


Yummy and gluten free. This is definitely food for a celebration…even if the occasion is just that you survived till the end of the week.

I skipped the premade “pizza sauce” and just went with straight organic tomato paste. Add a few sprinkles of basil, oregano, and garlic powder (you can skip the garlic powder if you like, I just love the extra garlic flavor.) Then I layered diced sun-dried tomato, Portobello mushrooms (sliced thin) and topped it with fresh mozzarella, cut off from the block that I had in the fridge.

This is one recipe with which you can go crazy.  Try all of your favorite pizza topping combinations, or just get creative with whatever you have in the fridge.

Gluten Free Pizza

(1) Gluten Free Pizza crust (I used UDI’s)

(2) TBSPs of canned organic tomato paste

mozzarella– either shredded OR cut straight from the cheese block into long thin strips, which is what I did.  (your favorite variety…I used a specialty savory mozzarella from the deli’s cheese case)

Portobello mushroom (diced or sliced thin, about the thickness of two quarters stacked together)

sun-dried tomatoes (julienne cut, or diced)

basil (dried or fresh, your choice)

oregano (dried or fresh, your choice)

garlic powder (just a sprinkle)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Begin with the crust. Using the back of a spoon, spread on the tomato paste to your taste. I like a lot of tomato flavor, so I added quite a bit – up to the full 2 tbsp.  Next, sprinkle with basil & oregano. I just sprinkled straight from their containers, but if you need a measurement, go with one teaspoon each. Now, begin layering your topping of choice but ending with the cheese on top.  Add a sprinkle of garlic powder and pop it in your 375 degree oven for aprox 10-15 mins.  (I wait until the cheese starts to really bubble.)