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I was inspired to type out this quick little post, literally, 5 minutes ago.  Now, normally I to promote a diet of fresh veggies, organic if possible, home cooked and prepared.

HOWEVER…let’s be real.  Who feels like cooking from scratch for every single meal, every single day?  Not this gal.  I do a fairly good job of keeping it healthy, but on some days, like today– nope. Not gonna happen.  I mean, life happens, right?  I’ve got a list of to-do’s a mile long, I want to go put on some makeup before I leave for the office, blah blah blah, etc etc.  Just life.

Well, on days like this, I have a secret weapon.

Margaret Holmes. Holy yum.


Margaret Holmes Canned Vegetables

This brand of canned veggies, based in South Carolina, have amaaaaazing flavor.  Their seasoning, whether on the black eyed peas, collard greens, okra, or even their fantastic tomato & okra combo, is just perfect and delicious.

I just pop open a can, heat it, and then add buckwheat crackers on the side.  It’s so good, sometimes I literally eat the entire can.

Having tried lots of pre-seasoned veggies, these are one of the best brands that I’ve found.  YUM!

Happy Hump day everyone!