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Can asthma be helped, naturally?  Now, when I was young, I had childhood asthma.  I was never treated with medication from the doctor, because mine wasn’t very pronounced.  My mom would just keep a close eye on me when playing outside with my brothers. When I seemed winded, she would call me over and listen to the rattle in my chest while I calmed down. No big deal, and I out grew it within a few years.

But, what if the coughing and chest constriction is pronounced enough to warrant a trip to the doctor, along with steroid meds? Are there any holistic alternatives?

Obviously, everyone has to make their own decisions about what is best for their family. But recently, I was contact by a friend about her daughter’s childhood asthma.  The doctor prescribed steroids, other prescription pills and breathing treatments for her 5 year old. So, that’s what they’ve been doing.  Unfortunately, there has been no improvement, if anything, it seems to make her wheezing worse.

Mynde (my friend) asked if there were any natural remedies they could try, just to see if they worked.  Mostly, she wanted to take her daughter off the steroids, that is, if they could find a natural solution that had better results.

I suggested that we try Young Living’s RC Oil.


Young Lving’s RC Oil

Mynde received the oil a couple days ago. She has been diffusing the oil in her little girl’s room at bedtime and applying a couple drops to her chest (mixed with olive oil. This oil can be a bit intense when applied directly to the skin.)

Well, Mynde called me the following morning, after the first use the night before.

Me: “Hey girlie! How’d it go with the oil?  Did you see any difference?”

Mynde: “Yes! Oh my gosh!  She had no coughing when she woke up!”

Me: *squeeeeee!* “Yay!! I’m so excited for her! Keep me updated on how it goes, and if you keep seeing a difference.”

So that was the other day.  This morning the text convo went:

Me: How is she doing?

Mynde: So much better.

So, wow! File this under who-woulda-thought.

I’ll update the little girl’s progress in a full week, and as time goes on.

Essential Oils = my favorite 🙂