Crazy has a new chapter…it’s my roommate. Aptly named Monique.

So, not only am I going through a divorce, even more craziness has exploded! And, I do mean EXPLODED. Her name is Monique.


About eight weeks ago, I posted an ad on Craigslist for a room-for-rent. I should disclose the fact that due to divorce stress, it’s now obvious that I was NOT thinking rationally. Otherwise this whole debacle would’ve been avoided. After all, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for heaven’s sake.

The day after I posted the ad, I was emailed by a woman named Monique. She asked to stop by and see the place on the following day.


She seemed nice.

She had a whole long sob story about a surgery and not being able to work for the past year, which was the reason why she couldn’t get her own place.

She said she could move in at the end of the week and would pay the prorated amount for the rest of the month. The rent amount was fine!

So, she moved in. All seemed well. She still seemed “nice.”

Other than the small fact that I soon learned that she had no car. Nor job. Oh, and she showed up with a dog she didn’t tell me about. Hmmm..okay. She still seems nice! I thought to myself.

June 1st rolls around and rent is paid on time. Great! I thought, with an air of congratulating myself on a task easily and quickly accomplished. Having a roommate would help me save some moolah to buy new furniture that I sorely need.

The days pass. Eventually, it’s July 1. Time for rent!

“I don’t have the money for rent. I can pay you on a payment schedule during the month and get caught up.” Monique informs me via a note left on my coffee table.

Whaaaatt??? Could she have given me a bit more notice? Yes, methinks.

But, instead of complaining, I bust my rear after a few days and a long weekend, I cover her share of the rent. Woo! I congratulate myself silently. I did it! I tell Monique the good news. Rent is covered and my landlord didn’t freak out about a few late days. I’m going to be okay! I think to myself. Life after marriage isn’t the end, after all. I will survive. I feel good about this and as I go to sleep at night, I feel at peace.

Until a few days later….


….more to follow…

Dog park and Nashville Parthenon

Woke up to a beautiful Nashville morning and was inspired to take little JDawg to the dog park this morning. Our favorite park is located right next to the Nashville Parthenon, a historical landmark. It’s based in size on the Parthenon in Greece and houses a wonderful art collection.

making new friends at the dog park

Parthenon, Nashville


Peachy skin versus a blotchy ruddy mess…


Tried a new salon in Nashville, the Specchino Salon. Loved it. Lawson did a fantastic job on my hair, which can be a difficult task for a stylist as I have a lot of natural red in my hair.

If the color is too yellow, my complexion appears ruddy and blotchy. Not the look I’m going for…with the right hair coloring my complexion appears more creamy and peachy. I need more warm golden or honey tones to avoid that unpleasantness.

After an in-depth conversation, Lawson then took the time to color/tone match my color. For my process, he added low and highlights and really nailed it.

Thanks Lawson!

Need a skin miracle? Try this one thing…

Not to be a braggy-pants, but I often get compliments on my skin. And, though I’m nearing the grand ol’ age of 40, folks usually assume that I’m somewhere in my mid 20’s. No, I’m not lucky enough to have that wonderful olive skin that never freakin’ ages. I’m just a fair skinned gal that freckles and burns in the sun… but one gal who learned a couple of skin saving secrets along the way.

Recently, I shared my secret with two early 20 something gals. I saw them both a couple of weeks later. Here’s what happened after they both took my advice.

Gal 1 (an adorable published songwriter looking to make her big break in Nashvegas):

“I just went home for the first time in a year. My mom totally noticed the difference in my skin. She thinks it looks amazing.”

Gal 2 (an incredibly talented makeup artist, currently building her book of clients):

“My skin has completely changed! My acne is so much better, it’s almost gone. It was really bad before!”

So, what’s the secret…


Yes, that’s right. Buy some cold pressed avocado oil from the grocery store or and rub in on after you get out of the shower.

That’s it.


Try it :) In two weeks, come back and tell me about the difference in your skin…because everyone else will be telling YOU.

And, if you really want to have some fun, add a daily tablespoon of honey to your tea. That’s it. Just a tablespoon. Natural, raw honey has amazing anti-inflammatory benefits for your body, and you’ll see it in your skin. Just trust me on this, and give it a try. It cured my hayfever…and lemme tell y’all, my hayfever was SERIOUS.

One of my favorite sources for raw honey and bee products is this company

Just for my readers, use the coupon code POLLINATE for 15% off!!

My husband has finally done it. I hate him. Now…how to let that go?


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Wanna read an example of something crazy? Something you might even call “the final straw”?
Here ya go.
My husband, who has not visited me in 6 months because he’s so “busy” just offered to come retrieve my leased car. This would leave me absolutely stranded without a vehicle. He’s too busy to visit even once in 6 months yet he’s totally willing to strand me without transportation.

What a guy, what a guy.

But, instead of endlessly examining the above details, let’s move on to the real point of this post. How to finally let go of this fury and anger? Listen, he’s a douche. A jerk. Selfish, shallow and utterly dishonest.

Repeating those facts over and over doesn’t change anything and it certainly doesn’t make me feel better. It only encourages me to hold on to the anger.

And here’s another annoying fact.  Holding all that anger, bitterness, betrayal and fury inside only hurts me. ME, not him. I can actually feel it hurting me, turning my insides to mush. 

The best advice I read today says that the only way to let go of anger is to love.

Love the person.

Ask God to love them.

Pray for God to love you and to also love the person you hate.

Can I be honest and admit that I DON’T want to do that right now?  I want God to hate him, too! To punish him! To strip him of any delight or peace or joy! To banish him from success in any area…

Annnnnd this is exactly where I trip up. It doesn’t feel right. Wishing retribution on him just feels wrong. Instinctively, I know that it’s not my place to mete out judgment.

But, if that’s not my place, what is?

I inspire. I encourage. I delight. That’s what I do, and it’s truly, honestly what I do best. Anger, hate, and confusion only sap my strength, dilute my creativity and in the end, steal my light.

So, guess who I’ll be praying for tonight? Me. And, for that jerkface too. :/

This is a person who has experienced forgiveness... and it's not easy!

This is a person who has experienced the difficult task of forgiveness… it’s not easy! Or quick, unfortunately.

Today’s Positives:

Gym- abs, rear, arms, more rear

sold a tag sale mid-century modern chair for $90 profit

had coffee with a friend

Did you have any positives today? I’ll bet that you did :) Tell me below in the comments, I’d love to read about your victories today, no matter how small.


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